australian_flagBinary options is a vastly growing market in Australia. Traders enjoy the simplicity of trading and numerous brokers are now offering binary options as a result. Before joining a broker and executing trades in Australia, it’s important to understand how the country handles binary options trading.

What Assets Are Available?

Binary options are not restricted in Australia to certain assets. You’re free to place calls and puts on commodities, stocks, indices and currencies. The exact assets available will vary based on the broker you choose. Some may only specialize in well known assets, while others may offer a larger variety.

Brokers recommend working with assets based in Australia as it is easier for traders to find solid information to base their predictions on. This is especially true for new traders to learn the basics of binary option trade types.

Is It Legal To Trade In Australia?

It is legal to trade binary options in Australia. The country began regulating binary options in 2010 and the ASIC handles the monitoring of all licensed brokers. Traders can find details on regulated and licensed brokers by visiting the ASIC website or contacting the organization.

Is It Difficult To Deposit Or Withdraw Money?

It’s easy for Australian traders to make deposits and withdraw their money at any time. By working with regulated and licensed brokers, you can feel confident investing money and knowing you’ll receive your profits when you request them. Australian brokers usually accept electronic wallet services, credit cards and wire transfers.

Do You Have To Pay Taxes?

Australian traders are subject to taxes on binary options trading. Exact amounts vary greatly based on how you file and the amount you earn. Traders must handle all tax liabilities on their own as brokers are not responsible for sending any tax documents or withholding taxes.

How Do You Choose A Broker?

The most important thing is to find a reputable broker in Australia that offers binary options trading. Explore the platform, check their customer service and ensure they have the assets you wish to trade. Also check to see if they are regulated and licensed.

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