As traders, we have access to a wide variety of brokers, all with their own benefits and sometimes, disadvantages. Finding the one that is right for you can seem like quite an undertaking, but occasionally, a broker such as 24 Option comes along and makes the decision to sign up very easy. Simply put, 24 Option is all about customer satisfaction; this firm values honesty and trustworthiness more than any other brokers in the industry.

A regulated broker

Trading with a regulated broker is one of the many ways in which I ensure the safety of my personal information and financial dealings in the wild world of online trading. At 24 Option, I have no doubt that the company is taking the utmost precautions with my data, especially since it is regulated with CySEC, a large financial regulator of binary options brokers.

24 Option is the trading name of Rodeler Limited and was created in 2010. It strives to maintain excellent operational status with CySEC by providing clear trading guidelines and abiding by a strict set of rules.

A platform built for traders

24 Option’s platform has something for traders of all levels. Navigation of the tabs and various options is simple and intuitive. You will never need to second-guess where to find a certain piece of information when you are on this platform. All aspects of the platform have been designed according to the customers’ needs and wants. I love that 24 Option is proud and successful at helping traders across the world develop and grow profitable portfolios.

On this platform, you will only find the essentials; there are no ads, no distractions. Powered by TechFinancials, it is entirely web based (as many other platforms are) so you can trade comfortably no matter the time of day or where you are in the world. Just ensure you have access to a secure internet connection in order to protect your personal information.

As someone who prefers having the charts on the same screen as where I execute my trades, I was slightly disappointed to find out that 24 Option does not offer instant charts. Instead, I have to click on the asset type in order to bring up the chart. This really only takes a few more seconds but it is something to keep in mind when signing up with this broker.

24 Option’s platform oozes professionalism, which is an aspect that appeals to novice and advanced traders alike. Upon browsing for the first time, it is very easy to see that the company has managed to create the perfect layout. This makes it accessible to different trading styles. And since it is available in 16 different languages, the platform is truly multidimensional.

All of the standard types of trade are available: High/Low, One Touch, Boundary, and 60 Seconds.

Select tools

Brokers in the binary options industry face fierce competition on a regular basis, which is why it is important to diversify the features offered to clients in order to attract a solid fan base. 24 Option understands this concept at its core and in response has created three unique tools whose goal is to facilitate profitability while minimizing losses.

First, there is the Trading Trends option. This phenomenal feature allows you to gage market sentiment by viewing the percentage of traders on either side of a particular trade. Although I do not solely rely on this information, I always find it fascinating to be able to see what other traders are doing live.

Second is the Early Closure tool, which allows you to end a trade manually before expiration. This is available right up until a few minutes are left before expiration time. Keep in mind that if you decide to use Early Closure, you will receive a reduced payout. However, it is well worth it when you use it wisely and know your trade will finish ‘in the money’.

Third is the Rollover. The Rollover is basically the opposite of Early Closure. Instead of closing ahead of expiry, Rollover permits you to extend your expiry time. This is best used when your trade is currently ‘out of the money’ and you want to give it a bit more time to see if the situation will bounce back.

Impeccable education center

24 Option has put together some of the most thorough and detailed educational tools ever to be offered by a binary options broker. Despite considering myself an advanced trader, I can never seem to get enough of new information. I still refer to this section on a regular basis, which speaks volumes in terms of how innovative, creative, and in-depth the resources offered are.

As a first time user, you will want to go through the Binary school section where you will learn everything you need to know to execute your first trade. You will not be bored as each tidbit of information will serve you in terms of profitability increase.

For intermediate and advanced traders, you have a unique opportunity to interact with trading professionals via live eCourses. If you prefer to read, you can always refer to the more traditional trading eBook, which is packed with crucial information about the trading business.

Top-notch customer support

24 Option believes that its customers should never be left hanging; as such, it has devised a support strategy that allows traders to be in touch around the clock, from anywhere in the world. Within seconds, you could be speaking with a live agent via chat or phone. Phone service is offered in over 15 countries.

If your question or concern is not of an urgent nature, you can send an email request. During market hours, emails are generally answered in less than 10 minutes.


24 Option goes above offering just the standard options; it wants its clients to experience the power of mastering binary options and establishing a successful trading trend. I am confident that this broker can only continue moving up in the ranks and that it will, one day, be regarded as the best in the industry.

This broker will push you to grow your portfolio and become the successful trader that you want to be. With a range of resources at your fingertips and support staff that want to help you succeed, there is truly nothing more you need from a broker.