uBinary’s rise to success was quick; founded in 2013 and headquarterd in London, it is already a leader in the binary options industry with a growing customer list from all over the world. The firm is a subsidiary of PPT Capital and is managed by veterans of the financial industry. Their experience in the industry amounts to over 50 years. A humble company, uBinary believes the level of success it has achieved is due in large part to its clients.

This broker deeply cares about the end-user experience. I am always impressed at how much effort it has put into developing resources and tools that allow traders to diversify their portfolio and increase their ability of executing successful trades. As a trader, I firmly believe this broker is as good as it gets. Below you will find all the reasons why you must try uBinary.


A well-designed platform

uBinary operates a custom platform that has been intuitively designed with the use of specific colors. At first sight, the platform appears sleek, with a dark grey, green, and orange that come together perfectly to create a high end, posh look. It is probably one of the most user-friendly platforms within the industry, displaying three categories. The Dashboard, Menu, and Trading sections are all presented in a simple manner that makes it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

The dashboard section of the platform houses everything that is related to your trading account. From here, you can see the total amount of money you have invested and your balance. Under the Menu section, the assets available are displayed along with the positions. The Trading section is self-explanatory; this is where you apply your knowledge and skills to execute trades.

Perhaps the only weaker point of uBinary pertains to its limited type of trades available. However, I am not phased out by this in the least. Since the company was founded in 2013, it is completely normal and expected that all features would not yet be available as it works through the growing pains. I have seen my fair share of companies come and go over the past few years and given that uBinary has only recently been in operation, I find its success level very impressive.

As such, the options available consist of Above/Below, Option Builder, Speed Trading, 60 Seconds, and Option Builder. While the type of trades available may be slightly limited, uBinary has developed a range of accounts in order to cater to varying levels of trading expertise. First, there are the Micro, Mini, and Standards accounts, which are excellent options for novice traders. The firm’s Gold account is for those with more experience and the VIP account is for those who consider themselves traders at the professional level. VIP status means that you get access to a personal senior market analyst who can help you bring your trading to a more serious level.


Unrivaled features

While I certainly see the benefit in having all of the traditional features on one platform, I also get really excited when a broker offers one-of-a-kind options. uBinary surpasses any other brokerage firm in this category. Some of the most notable features include: flip (allows you to alter your position if you notice the market is not going in the direction you predicted), candlestick charts and other advanced market monitoring capabilities, social trading (where you can monitor what other traders are doing), buy me out (allows you to minimize your losses should you make a bad trade), and signals (notifications about market indicators and great buying opportunities).

Another point worth mentioning is the fact that uBinary does not currently offer a demo account. Even though I am an experienced trader, I usually like to test out a platform using a demo account first. In this case though, uBinary makes up for this lack by offering immediate and around the clock access to training consultants that can answer any question or concern you may have about trading and binary options in general.

A sensible broker is not afraid to disclose the good but also the darker side of binary options, which generally pertains to risk. uBinary is the perfect example of a broker that strives for complete information disclosure at the onset of gaining a new client. Upon signing up and before entering the contractual agreement, uBinary makes it clear about the risks involved and the potential rewards.


A learning section in development

uBinary’s learning center is comprehensive and has lots of valuable information for traders of all levels. Some may argue that the more advanced tools could be developed further but again, considering the fact that this is a newer broker, it is likely only a matter of time before this section is expanded upon. I certainly would not let this be a deterring factor.

The company provides how-to guides, detailing how trading works and how the platform works. In addition, traders can view a glossary and FAQ section where common questions are answered. If you want to get a sneak peek into what it is like to trade with uBinary, you can view the video tour.

You also get a personal coach who will contact you upon sign up. This person will assist you with navigating the platform for the first time and explain all the resources you can use.


Additional information

uBinary offers appropriate, friendly, and knowledgeable customer support staff available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agents are available via fax, email, phone, and live chat. Wait times are low but if you prefer someone contact you instead, you can choose to fill out a contact form and an agent will be in touch. Note that the live chat feature is available 6 days a week instead of 7. However, this does not generally pose a problem since phones lines are available at any time.



uBinary’s delivery of a stylish and functional platform is sublime. It offers features that appeal to traders of all levels and support services that are guaranteed to enhance your trading experience and help you reach your trading goals. This is trading at its finest, and given that this company is one of the newer ones to make an entrance on the binary options scene, it will be very interesting to monitor its next moves and to see what new and innovative feature it has up its sleeve. I am confident that if you sign up with uBinary, you will never want to look back.