Two major companies recently announced plans to set IPO launch dates, and in response to this news many Binary Options brokers have released plans to provide their investors with opportunities to trade on these events.

The two companies that are going public are and Alibaba. King is known for their online and mobile device game “Candy Crush Saga”. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company similar to Amazon, with traits of eBay and PayPal mixed in.

Although mobile app game sales are expected to be over 9 billion dollars in 2014, there is still some speculation about how well King will fare in the long term. These doubts stem from the failure of the company that created Farmville (Zynga) when it went public in 2011.

Alibaba is a larger company in a less volatile market, but there are still a number of variables involved which will lead to the ultimate success or failure.

There is much speculation about how these two companies will perform by the close of the market on the first day of trading. This is precisely the opportunity that binary options traders will be able to use to capitalize on these IPO’s.

Because of these Candy Crush and Alibaba Pre-IPO touch options, traders can start making money by investing on their idea of how well each of these companies will perform. Whether these two companies thrive or fail, the announcement of the pre-IPO trade options is a great opportunity for binary options traders to profit from their own correct opinions and research.