Binary options brokers must generate large profit margins in order to remain in business. They need to reach out to traders and attract them to sign up with their platforms. Most brokers do this with efficient and targeted marketing campaigns during which they offer newcomers various binary options promotions. These promotions benefit the brokers but also provide interesting rewards and assistance to new traders.


Bonus promotions

There are two types of bonus promotions: non deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. Non deposit bonuses do not require the trader to invest any capital up front in order to receive the money. These bonuses are not offered by all brokers, and when they are, it is usually for a limited time. They are also more restrictive, with many withdrawal conditions, compared to other, classic promotions.

Deposit bonuses are typically given to the trader once an account has been opened and a deposit made. This type of bonus is also called leverage bonus; it cannot be withdrawn but rather used as leverage to place larger investments. In return, the trader can generate more profits.

Types of Bonuses

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Risk free trading

This promotion allows new traders to make risk-free investments. After buying a call or put option, the broker will replace the amount of money lost if the trade ends out of the money. For traders who have not signed up for a free demo account, risk free trading is an excellent way to get started.

Promotions vary according to the brokers. Before signing up with a platform, traders should research the promotions and the proposed terms to ensure the rules and regulations meet their trading style.