With US stocks coming in with mixed results, there is some fear among binary options traders that there may be trouble ahead. With a market that is unpredictable and taking a loss may seem inevitable, more timid individuals naturally want to leave the markets altogether and put their cash under the proverbial mattress. But with binary options, you have a lot of choices that can still make a solid return.

For example, the commodities market is still a very solid place in which to place your trades. Since commodities like oil and gold in particular have a tendency to go against stocks and the US dollar, you can hedge against the fears of more fearful traders by picking up what they may be afraid to dabble in. You can also short commodities if you believe that investors who fear the dollar may be flocking there and driving up prices beyond what they are reasonably worth.

If you are not interested in dealing with commodities, and many traders are not, you can pursue binary options in an entirely different way through dealing directly with the USD and its counterpart currencies. Since the JPY is another “safe haven” currency, you can trade based on the potential for trader fears about the US economy as a whole. Or you can take a more contrarian stance and invest in something that often goes against the USD, such as the CNY or even the EUR. The important part is to be greedy where others are fearful.