Computer chairs

Computer chairs

Every office where workers sit at their desks has a bunch of computer chairs – if not a lot of them. We can say that they are common elements of any offices around the globe, same as desks and coffee machines.

Why are computer chairs somehow important? Well, this is a very simple question. Office chairs are designed to be as comfortable as possible because they are meant for people that have to sit long hours, every day, five days a week. Sitting for such long periods of time is not good for our health, naturally. Our bodies are not designed for sedentariness and therefore our muscles don’t work properly, get weaker and we begin to assume a wrong posture. Bad posture is the reason why we end up suffering from backaches, for example; but this is not the only issue: neck, shoulders, even legs suffer. And then there are increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and bad blood circulation. 

Clearly, sedentariness is not good for us. However, not everybody has the opportunity to solve the problem by moving more, because we have to work and, unless our work changes, we will still be sitting eight hours per day. Here jump in the computer chairs! Because they are built with the purpose of helping our body not to start aching, they are excellent tools for those workers who need to sit a lot. Of course, it is still better to stand up and move around every now and then, but computer chairs really make it much easier for many of us to do our jobs properly. 

Where is the catch? It all seems really cool, so… there must be at least one flaw. What could be an issue with computer chairs (it may as well not be a problem at all) is that they cost. Computer chairs, I am talking here about good ones, are pretty expensive, and they must be so: it is impossible to think that to get a chair that comfortable and well built you can spend something like 20 Euros. So, we are talking here about an investment and my advice is, since it is for your health, don’t try to save money. Check the market, gather as much information as possible, try some computer chairs for a couple of days if you can, consider the space where it will be placed, check the brand and the producer and choose based on quality. If you cannot afford it right away, the best thing to do is to wait and save, because it is about health.