buying school bag

School bags, what to look for

This article is aimed at helping people choosing their (or their children’s) school bags, it will therefore quickly – and hopefully helpfully – summarise a few criteria that shall guide one into buying a new bag. Far from trying to instruct, it is meant only as advice for who is a bit confused, so while I hope to be beneficial, I also thank you for taking your time to read what follows.

Why does the materials school bags are made of count? One could think that a bag is just a bag and so feel that it is not worth spending much time, energy or money in school bags. After all, they are just meant to carry books. Yes, that is true, but why buying something that will break soon? Isn’t that far more time consuming? And anyway, when material is mentioned what really shall be looked at is that your bag is waterproof. Nobody likes to have their stuff soaking wet, especially when it is homework we are talking about. Some kids become also very close to their school bags, as a distinctive part of their growing personalities, and they are not always happy to separate from them even when they begin to fall apart; it is then best if the bag is able to last long.

What other criteria? Another important feature to check in school bags is straps. Straps can be decisive in the comfort of bags, because when they get heavy, it is on our shoulders that we feel that weight. It is really good then if straps are padded, ergonomic and adjustable. One of these elements missing would cause the bag to be uncomfortable after a short while. 

One more thing to consider in school bags is size and weight of the bag when empty. School bags need to be spacious enough as kids have much stuff to carry to school and back home, and it is best if the bag has pockets and compartments so that things can stay separate and in order. However, school bags should not be enormous, but proportioned to the size of the person using them and, most importantly, noticeably light when empty! Why adding useless weight?

Finally, wheels. It is quite common nowadays to see children (especially primary school pupils) carrying their bags by a handle, because their school bags have inbuilt wheels. Children benefit a lot from this wheeled model because they can load them fully, they can carry them easily and their backs are not subject to any stress, so they do not risk developing any back problems in the future. Wheels are certainly a feature to look for when choosing a bag.…